Ted Perish

Ted Parish has been a part of PSCSP, from it’s beginning, thinking out of the box and constructing fabulous sets for our productions.

If you need something built, Ted can build it. If it can’t be built, Ted will build it anyway.

Some say he was born with sawdust in his veins.

Ted, who proudly considers himself a “jack-of -all-trades”, is our Technical Director, the go to guy for building giant sized beds filled with kid sized bed bugs, frightening monster laboratories, and marvelous old English rooftops.

Although he likes running a tight ship, he doesn’t mind teaching the greenhorns how to drive a nail (actually it’s how to turn a screw using a cordless drill without stripping the bit out. Too wordy, so lets just say nail and hammer).

Bottom line: Ted takes 2 x 4’s screws and years of experience and makes safe sturdy sets for our cast. When something needs doing-he gets the job done, which is why he is affectionately nicknamed “The Undertaker”. During the countless hours of “show prep” you are sure to hear “Uncle Ted’s” name being called, many times, for help.

Ted has performed on stage as well, in “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Maybe he has caught the acting bug or maybe he wanted to test out his set some more. Either way, the rumors are true- Ted CAN sing and dance! : Bravo Ted! Bravo!