Stefanie Hero

“Princess Stefanie”-Aubrey Diebold (Riverview)”Villain Leopold T. Bosco”-Adam Bedikian(Wya.)”The Scarlet Knight”-Ava Chef (Trenton)”Prince Ian”-Sheldon Hall (Sgt)”Prince Zack”-Landon Petrowski (Wya.)”Princess Matilda”-Zoe Chef(Trenton)”Swan Debra”-Megan Sarnowski(Rockwood)”King Andrew“-Meghan Perkins (A.P)”Queen Harriet Ann”-Molly Pelkey(Riverview)”Slave Horace”-Harmony Bedikian (Wya.)”Stagehands”-Evelyn Langlotz (Brownstown), Abby Meade (Trenton)& Tilly Oppelt(Rockwood)”Dragon Madame Zhanobia”-Kathy Bedikian(Wya.)”Baby Dragon Sofron Isba”-MaryKate Lassiter (Newport)”Audience Spectator”-Angela Wolf(Wya.)”Swanlet”-Julia Petrowski(Wya.)
> Please note:”stage hands” are their character name, in show. Also, MaryKate is written that way-With two capital letters and no space. Thank you! Please confirm receiving all four publicity items. Assistant Director-Noreen Passas(Ecorse)Hope you’re staying warm and safe.

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