Holiday Frolick 2

Downriver Actors Present

The Candy Cane Courthouse is now in session, and your audience is the jury!

The defendant, young Jim Dandy (Dexter Kmet), has called Christmas  spirit ‘a lot of nonsense,’ but that won’t fly in the Christmas court of justice!

In comes a colorful parade of Christmas personalities, including reindeer-in-training (Adam Bedikian), an angel from atop a Christmas tree (Lydia Robertson), wise men and holiday shoppers, all trying to prove Jim wrong. Jim tries to defend himself, but it’s hard when even Mrs. Cratchit (Kaitlin Hiner) and Tiny Tim (Isbella Selburg) make an appearance. It’s up to the Toy Maker (Atam Bedikian) to discover why Jim is acting so strangely. The answer involves a teddy bear and some bad kids who aren’t so bad after all. You’ll be surprised at how the verdict is reached.

Comedy. By Pat Cook.
Cast: 4m., 6w. “This is the most hopeless place in the> world!” Hilda (Kathy Bedikian) intones as she and Satch (Al Ruffner), her assistant, argue over what time it is. She dreams of faraway places and only finds tedium in running the Holly Railway Station. That is, until Leo Tannenbaum (Adam Bedikian) drops in out of nowhere the day before Christmas Eve. Suddenly, an old radio that hasn’t worked in years springs to life, the local group of carolers (which usually yowls like a gang of wet cats) begins to sound like the Morman Tabernacle Choir and the whole town gets the Christmas spirit. Coincidence? Or is Leo doing all this? Even Satch changes his tune when it turns out that Leo might be on the run. This nostalgic theatrical greeting card is full of eccentric small town characters, wise-cracking their way to finding the true wonder of Christmas. And on the way, they make us all wish we could take a ride on The Christmas Express. Additional cast includes Lucy Ruffner, Bryce Johnson, Atam Bedikian, Emily Burris, Penny Siler Cindy Beneglio, Karen Conner and Megan Derda.

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