Murder at the Orient Express

A P.S. Center Stage Production


Seymour Twitt (Steven Arroyo), the richest and most ruthless man in town, hires ace private eye Dudley Sharpe (Eric Vargo) to find out who’s been sending him threatening notes. Sharpe tells his new client to meet him a week later at the Orient Express, a Chinese restaurant run by two Irish sisters (Kaitlin Hiner and Lindsay MacIntyre) and a German waitress (Emily Burris).
On that fateful snowy night, the Orient Express is strangely bustling with an odd assortment of customers who appear to be in disguise. Sharpe shares a long list of potential killers with Twitt, but when Twitt gets his fortune cookie, his fortune take a bad turn for the worse! Someone in the restaurant takes advantage of a blackout to kill Twitt with a pair of chopsticks through the heart! With a blizzard cutting off all from escape, Sharpe begins to unravel the identities of the 12 suspects in the room ( also including actors Zoie Mulheisen, Marissa Manville, Emily Carlin, Atam Bedikian, Robert Diebold, Taylor Goodwin, Tyler Goodwin, Jessica Golema and Alex Piscitelli), revealing how each is somehow connected to Twitt. Will Sharpe be fortunate enough to crack the case and serve up justice on a pupu platter?