Bryce Edward Johnston

Wyandotte Downriver-Actor-Bryce

When not on stage performing, Bryce can be seen helping out with various tasks, from conducting auditions and helping other performers with lines to constructing and staking the set.
When hearing Bryce offer words of advice and encouragement to fellow performers, one can immediately tell he is a caring individual who strives to see our group excel.

In his own words:
“In December of 1999, I was privileged to be selected to play the character of Jacob in Wyandotte Community Theatre’s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” One of the members of that casting committee, and of the production team was Penny Lynn Siler. I could not have forseen the friendship that would result from that first audition. Nor could I have known that one day I would be honored by being named a member of the Board of Directors of P.S. Center Stage Players.

Now, entering our third season, I can see the experiences of the last twelve years have prepared us to take this theater group to the next level. As you search this website, you will see the smiles on the faces of the people who have been in the shows over the last two seasons. You can mark not just the physical growth of the various children who have participated in multiple productions, but you can even see the increased confidence and poise which is a direct result of the proven teaching methods and the reinforcement of the “perfect practice makes perfect” concept Penny Siler uses to produce and bring to stage some of the best beloved plays and musicals. Check out the Starlight Award section to see some of our standout Members.

Thanks to a very loyal group of friends and supporters, P.S. Center Stage Players is already a success in just two short years, and our future looks very bright!”
~Bryce Edward Johnston

Bryce is reserved when it comes to his involvement in PSCSP’s success, but it is obvious to the people who have been watching, Bryce is a big reason for our achievements.