Adam Bedikian

Adam Bedikian PSCSP's Vocal / Musical Director

During high school and a few years after Adam enjoyed participating in community theater. For some time the demands of college and the call to music (Adam’s muse) became his focus. Then years later, Adam’s 9 year old son showed interest in community theater, rekindling Adam’s interest as well.

“I had heard great things about how the children were treated and worked with in this theater group downriver. I wasn’t disappointed at all. PSCSP worked so well with my son who had never done anything like this before. Even I was welcomed and had a great time helping out wherever I could.”

“The kids are a great group that readily accepts newbies into the fold. I have truly loved my time with PSCSP and all the kids.”

Helping out wherever he could is an understatement. Since 2006 Adam has been learning the intricacies of theater, adding to the knowledge he started acquiring in high school. His musical background has helped make PS Center Stage Players musicals shine and his teachings as vocal director has helped our cast members gain insight into their own vocal abilities. For some of our actors, both young and young at heart, Adam has helped them find their voice for the very first time. It’s not surprising that his email signature is: “Speak your mind, even when your voice shakes.” Adam does his best to help those shaky voices gain confidence.

When not teaching as vocal director, you will see Adam: painting sets, running the sound board, or lights or coordinating backstage or designing the programs or practicing lines…

You can see where I am going with this right?

In his own words: “Miss Penny has helped me to become familiar with so many different aspects of theater and the group has really helped me grow into a real theater geek.”