2012 Second Class


“Second Class” covers a variety of contemporary subjects, both serious and lighthearted. Too often, high school students are presented as angst ridden teens desperately trying to make it through each day. Yes, there are plenty of obstacles, but there are also some good times and lots of laughter. As in life- high school or otherwise- there is, for each of us, a vast array of experiences.

A series of scenes and monologues concerning a vast array of high school life experiences, both serious and light hearted.

Come enjoy a “Back to School” experience, relive high
school memories with our interactive high schoolers and staff.
A meal will be provided by our “lunch ladies”.
“Recess” will be available, during the most serious of subjects for our younger students

Brad Slaight, a Michigan native, is an actor, standup comedian, writer, and former Michigan high school teacher.