Penny Siler

Penny L Siler PSCSP's Founder and DirectorPenny Lynn Siler (Director/President) is enjoying a life made richer with family, friends and all that is "theatre". She loves to teach and, fortunately, has been able to realize that dream, throughout the years, by … Continue Reading ››

Bryce Edward Johnston

Wyandotte Downriver-Actor-Bryce
When not on stage performing, Bryce can be seen helping out with various tasks, from conducting auditions and helping other performers with lines to constructing and staking the set. When hearing Bryce offer words of advice and encouragement to fellow performers, one can … Continue Reading ››

Michael Lomas

Michael Lomas PSCSP's Improv Director
In 1973 Michael was born to a female mail carrier and a male factory worker. His young life consisted of Star Wars, GI Joe, Indiana Jones and the Transformers. Not to forget the always popular Atari 2600. It … Continue Reading ››

Adam Bedikian

Adam Bedikian PSCSP's Vocal / Musical Director During high school and a few years after Adam enjoyed participating in community theater. For some time the demands of college and the call to music (Adam’s muse) became his focus. Then years later, Adam’s 9 year old … Continue Reading ››

Ted Perish

Community-Theater-Tech-Ted Ted Parish has been a part of PSCSP, from it's beginning, thinking out of the box and constructing fabulous sets for our productions. If you need something built, Ted can build it. If it can't be built, Ted will build it anyway. Some say he was born with sawdust … Continue Reading ››